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June 23, 2015
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February 29, 2024
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Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 10
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  • Slow, inflexible, impolite, frustrating

    mcclain76January 11, 2012

    Easy interface

    It will take weeks to complete you initial backup, and perhaps months should you switch computers; awful customer service without kindness, competence, or flexibility.

    I have used Carbonite for 18 months. My initial backup of 125 gigs of data took six weeks, a long time to go without a total backup once you have decided you need one. It all worked fine until I bought a new computer. Carbonite seems to throttle data transfer the more data you have. I set up a new pc recently and partially changed my folder hierarchy (e.g. started storing documents in a folder not labeled 'my documents'). I was not willing to relinquish my already-backed up data until I was sure that my transition to a new computer had gone smoothly. I would have been happy simply to rearrange my backup to reflect my new folder hierarchy, and not have to re-start the backup process with essentially the same data. There is no such capacity through Carbonite. Thus, I initiated a backup of my new file structure alongside my prior one, and thanks to throttling, my new PC has not gone to sleep since I set it up twelve weeks ago because the data is still transferring and Carbonite is always running (25 gigs still left to go!). I called Carbonite to ask how to work out a solution as I was not adding 125 gigs to my back up, I really was just moving my data under a slightly different folder hierarchy. (Customer service is only open during regular business hours.) Their customer service person told me that she could not access my account because their system was down. I told her that is was disconcerting that a data backup company could not access its own data. She replied that they were doing system maintenance. When I reminded her it was 11 AM on a Wednesday and that system maintenance is usually done at night when, you know, no customers are able to call - she hung up on me (I had been polite but firm). Bottom line: I have spent four of the last 18 month of my Carbonite membership with it running 24 hours a day ssssslllooowwwwwly. Bottom line: look elsewhere for a company that uses a scalpel rather than a hammer to control the backup process, and has customer service that can access your account during business hour and won't hang up on you.
  • Trashed my Mac's file system!

    StellaWalletsFebruary 16, 2011

    None that I could see since I could not run Carbonite.

    I loaded the trial version of Carbonite on my iMac, running Snow Leopard. Mac immediately reported "Catalog file: No PEOF (Physical end of file)." Mac's disk utility said file system could not be recovered. I called Carbonite and they were no help.

    I hope Carbonite has addressed this issue by now, but if not and if you have a Mac, I'd stay away!
  • Don't count on it.

    davehacheyFebruary 5, 2011

    The Remote Access can be useful.

    We use this for our small business and when we had a disaster we were stunned to find out that there's a whole host of file types that Carbonite doesn't back up. Luckily we had a secondary backup or we would have been in a nightmare scenario.

    If you're looking for a backup to count on this isn't it.Customer support is very poor. In the several times I used it I found that wait times are incredibly long (30 min plus) and it seems the only thing they will tell you to do is to reinstall Carbonite.
  • Straightforward, but will miss things you need

    ibyte78February 5, 2011

    Easy install, setup and good performance

    Misses files downloaded from Outlook; Doesn't pick up shortcuts; Fails behind some firewalls.

    Carbonite doesn't work. It fails to backup normal Office files downloaded from Outlook 2007 claiming they are "temporary files". They are not. They refuse to respond to my many requests for resolution to this issue. "Never Worry About Your Backup Again" is an outright lie. You will lose files. It's too bad about their attitude, too. If they were willing to own it, I'd let them work it out, but they just don't seem to care.
  • Not everything was backed up.

    LJinCAJanuary 31, 2011

    Cheap. Easy to reach customer service by phone.

    I thought all of my files were safe when my hard drive crashed, but I was very wrong. None of my music files were backed up. Not one. The most frustrating part was talking to customer service--they didn't seem to care.

    I'm going to cancel my subscription and switch to something else.
  • Good option and decent price for "cloud" backups

    Warp09January 30, 2011

    Integration of software into the Explorer shell so you can see by little yellow or green dots on file icons what is backed up and what is not (or is pending).

    It is true that non-default file locations/folders and *.exe, *.dll files are not backed up by default -- so if you are a developer, just be sure to set your development folder(s) for backup.

    I like it, and have 4 days left in my 15-day trial, but I am going to choose SugarSync, which I believe is more lightweight (i.e. doesn't drag your system resources down) and has a better interface (but also integrates into the shell like Carbonite does). IMO it is simply superior to Carbonite and is easier to use for the novice and non-techy.
  • Incomplete backups, file loss in recovery, poor support

    computerupJanuary 29, 2011

    Easy to setup, and cost is great. If you just have a few files to retrieve after an accidental deletion then you may be fine.

    If you lose a hard drive, you'll be shocked to find out that Carbonite did NOT backup all your files. And when trying to retrieve, many files will be listed but unavailable to be retrieved. I lost SEVERAL HUNDRED files to Carbonite. Support? A joke.

    I had thought that Carbonite was great at first, with a super price and test deletions and restorals being easy. But when my hard drive crashed AND my backup drive was corrupted, I found that Carbonite had NOT done its job. Tons of files had been unmarked for backup (unbeknown to me), including important media files and data files. So when I went up into the Carbonite drive for retrieval, none of these files were available. Moreover, hundreds of files that were listed did NOT come back down during the restoral process. I tried to work with Technical Support, but 1) they weren't available by phone, and 2) they were obviously in another country where English was NOT spoken. I got nothing but replies in canned pre-written sentences or in cryptic English, and they could not understand what I was asking. In the end, we were around in circles, and I couldn't download so many of these important files. And over the next few days, the files started to disappear from the Carbonite drive. In the end, I lost huge numbers of files.So $50 a year? It's not worth it if the service simply doesn't work reliable. I'd rather pay $50 a MONTH to know that I am TRULY being protected, and in a pinch will not lose the files. I want human beings to talk to in a disaster recovery situation, not offshore people pressing hotkeys that bring up canned phrases.For these reasons, I cannot recommend Carbonite any more, and I've advised my clients to remove it from their machines.
  • Bandwidth upload restrictions after 35 GB: MAJOR NEG.

    dumpdiveJanuary 19, 2011

    Will do what it says, if you read all the fine print about its restrictions

    Takes way too long to backup data if you have more than 35GB.

    I'm a Mac user. I'd already purchased Carbonite when I found CrashPlan. I will not renew Carbonite when my current subscription expires. Reason: About two weeks ago I imported nearly 80 GB of pictures onto my hard drive. CrashPlan had the new stuff backed up within three days. Carbonite, because of their restriction on bandwidth usage once you've reached a certain number of GB to back up, has yet to complete the backup. CrashPlan is also slightly cheaper. The only thing I'll lose is the ability to access my backup from my cell phone.
  • Info center to change settings doesn't open. Slow. .

    martyjosJanuary 19, 2011

    Not much to like

    Backup, when it runs, is slow. The Information center, that allows the suers to see what is backed up and th change settings fails to open most times. Many files are not automatically backed up.

    I would not buy it again.
  • have had to use it twicce with no problems

    whodat123January 17, 2011

    easy to use, no problems

    no problems for me

    Easy to use, works behind trhe scene. Inobtrusive. Easy to recover files.

Developer's Description

Back up your data in a secure online location automatically.

Carbonite Online PC Backup will automatically back up all the data on your PC. Most importantly, Carbonite is a "set and forget" service. It takes just one minute to download and install and then you're all set because we constantly monitor your PC for new and modified files (and backup only the difference). And we won't slow down your PC/Internet. Carbonite is also integrated with the Windows file explorer so you won't have to learn a new interface. Data is encrypted before it leaves your PC and remains encrypted on our servers. Carbonite is ideal for home use, frequent travelers, students, small businesses--we provide "Backup for Everyone.

Carbonite Online Backup for Windows - Free download and software reviews - CNET Download (2024)


Is Carbonite a good backup service? ›

Our Verdict. Carbonite's online backup service uses Windows' Explorer for data selection, and is simple, effective, as well as relatively affordable given unlimited space in provides for your backups.

What does Carbonite not backup? ›

Summary: Carbonite is not intended to back up programs, applications, operating system files, and temporary files. This article applies to: This article is for Mac 1x and Mac 2x (Not sure?)

Does Carbonite offer unlimited storage? ›

Popular cloud backup services like Carbonite offer easy-to-use platforms to help keep your files securely store around the clock . Carbonite gives you always-on backup and, with unlimited storage, you can save your data to your heart's content.

Does Carbonite store photos? ›

Securing your files and photos

Invest in a backup solution and make sure it offers unlimited space, secure cloud storage, automatic protection and remote access. Millions of families protect their photos, documents and files with Carbonite.

What are the disadvantages of Carbonite? ›

Carbonite's Limitations

Although Carbonite is a decent online backup for Windows and it can back up files on a Mac, you can't use it for an online backup on Linux. It doesn't have mobile apps for Android or iOS, meaning you won't be able to make a cloud backup on your mobile devices, either.

Does Carbonite slow down your computer? ›

Carbonite runs in the background of your system so it doesn't interfere with your computer's normal processes. If Carbonite is using a high percentage of your CPU, the most common cause is that it is struggling to access areas on the hard drive that may not be working correctly.

What's wrong with Carbonite? ›

By default, Carbonite does not back up a number of less-common file types, nor many files stored in secondary folders, nor files larger than 4GB.

How long does Carbonite keep my files? ›

Carbonite keeps your backed up data on our servers for a limited time after expiration in case you decide to continue with your coverage Depending on your expired account status, Carbonite will permanently remove your backed up data after 30 or 60 days.

How often does Carbonite backup my computer? ›

Carbonite allows you to stack different backup types and schedule them according to your preferences. For instance, you can set a full backup to run once a month, a differential backup once per week, and an incremental backup once per day.

How much does Carbonite online backup cost? ›

Carbonite SafeCarbonite Safe Backup Pro
1 Year Subscription$95.99$1299.99
2 Year Subscription$182.38$2,469.98
3 Year Subscription$259.17$3,509.97
15 more rows

Which is better Carbonite or Dropbox? ›

Carbonite has 168 reviews and a rating of 4.26 / 5 stars vs Dropbox Business which has 21592 reviews and a rating of 4.53 / 5 stars. Compare the similarities and differences between software options with real user reviews focused on features, ease of use, customer service, and value for money.

What's the difference between OneDrive and Carbonite? ›

Overview. Carbonite lets users backup all the data on their computer as long as it's connected to the internet. It is a cybersecurity... OneDrive is a secure access, sharing & file storage solution which enables users to store & share photos, videos, documents,...

Is Carbonite safe free? ›

Carbonite Safe's pricing is straightforward. For $83.99 per year, the Basic plan gets you unlimited backup space for one Windows PC or Mac. The Plus upgrade option ($119.99 per year) adds the ability to back up external drives and automatically upload videos.

Does Carbonite save emails? ›

Depending on your version, Microsoft Outlook stores a local copy of your email, contacts, and calendar as a . PST file on your computer. Carbonite automatically backs up this file in its default location. Note: OST files are excluded from the Carbonite backup because they cannot be used to restore your Outlook data.

Who owns Carbonite? ›

In 2019 it was acquired by Canadian software company OpenText. It backs up documents, e-mails, music, photos, and settings. It is named after carbonite, the fictional substance used to freeze Han Solo in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

Which is better, iCloud or Carbonite? ›

Carbonite has 168 reviews and a rating of 4.26 / 5 stars vs iCloud which has 1623 reviews and a rating of 4.66 / 5 stars. Compare the similarities and differences between software options with real user reviews focused on features, ease of use, customer service, and value for money.

How long does Carbonite keep backups? ›

Carbonite PlanAmount of Days Carbonite Retains the Deleted Files in the Backup
Safe Prime30 days
Safe Core60 days
Safe Power60 days
Safe Ultimate60 days
2 more rows

How much is the monthly or yearly fee for Carbonite? ›

Carbonite SafeCarbonite Safe Backup Pro
1 Year Subscription$95.99$1299.99
2 Year Subscription$182.38$2,469.98
3 Year Subscription$259.17$3,509.97
15 more rows


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